Serving the Michigan Greater Lansing Area for Over 30 Years

Bake N’ Cakes of Lansing, Michigan can create custom cakes, cupcakes, brownies, or many other baked gourmet pastries and treats for your special occasion. From wedding cakes, graduation cakes, 1st birthday cakes, bridal showers, baby showers and everything in between. Bake N’ Cakes will work with you to create the perfect cake any occasion.

Our family-owned and operated local business serves the Greater Lansing and Mid-Michigan area including: Bath, Charlotte, Dewitt, East Lansing, Eaton Rapids, Grand Rapids, Grand Ledge, Holt, Lansing, Mason, Okemos, and Williamson.
*(Delivery available upon request, please give at least a days notice for delivery.)

We always use the finest quality ingredients available. We use real butter, because “butter makes it better!” Our buttercream icing is made fresh from scratch daily and is standard on all cakes (other types offered as well). We use pure vanilla and almond extracts to ensure a quality product. We strive to provide the best, and friendliest customer service. Come in today to browse our full display cases!

Private Parties/Birthday Parties

Option One:

  • Ice a 6 inch cake and airbrush tye dye- $28.00 per person
  • Ice 6 cupcakes in a cupcake cake and airbrush tye dye- $26.00 per person

Option Two:

  • Ice and decorate a 6 inch cake with roses and 5-petal flowers- $33.00 per person
  • Ice 6 cupcakes in a cupcake cake and decorate with roses and 5-petal flowers- $31.00 per person

Option Three:

  • Ice a 6 inch cake and decorate with pre-ordered fondant decorations- $35.00 per person
  • Ice 6 cupcakes in a cupcake cake and decorate with pre-ordered fondant decorations- $33.00 per person

Anyone below the age of 14 should choose the option of cupcakes. Icing cakes is a very hard concept for most adults, and children often get impatient with this style of party. It is also important that the person icing cakes should be at least 4’ 8” tall or they will have difficulty icing cakes. Icing cakes requires proper posture and arm positioning held for long periods of time. The cupcakes are a much better option for younger children.

Please call the store to schedule your event at least two weeks in advance. All events are subject to availability.

General information for Classes

Anyone ages 5 and up may attend. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The number of attendees per class will be determined by the difficulty of the techniques and availability of trained staff members that teach the course.

Classes are held at Bake N’ Cakes periodically throughout the year. You may call or check out our Facebook page for upcoming events.

Call or come into the store to sign up, classes may be limited in space. Availability will depend on the type of class. The sooner you sign up, the better. If you are purchasing a kit, please give two weeks notice so we can ensure the delivery arrives before the class.

Each class will vary in the amount of time based on the techniques and materials being taught. We have carefully thought out the length of each class so that there is an optimum learning experience. Some classes are split into two parts so that you can go home and practice and return the next day for more difficult techniques.

Classes will range from beginner level to expert. Some classes may require that you have taken a previous course for enrollment. There will be classes that focus on decorating with icing, another on icing cakes, some on fondant, and another on airbrushing. There will also be seasonal classes offered which will focus on popular holiday skills.

Each class has a kit, or tools that you will need in order to complete that course. If you have all the same tools included in the kit, you can certainly bring your own. If you do not have the utensils needed we have the kits for purchase. Please call the store ahead for ordering because we have a limited supply on hand.

Some classes will offer rental options, while others may not. The rental fee will depend on the type of class. Please contact our store if you would like information on a specific course. If you decide to buy a kit after renting it for a class, the rental fee will go toward the purchase of your new kit.

Our kits are a significantly reduced price compared to the alternative. The kits were also hand picked and designed to have only the tools you need, and none on the tools you don’t. The kits are designed to save you money, time, and hassle.

You will be taught personally by Bake N’ Cakes decorators and staff members. You can gain from the knowledge and experience. They can offer many helpful hints and tricks that they have learned over the years.

For any further questions please call Bake N’ Cakes at :
(517) 337-2253