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Baked Goods
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Additional Information

Classic Cupcakes
Chocolate, yellow, or white cupcakes with our buttercream icing and sprinkles. Available in store or by special order. Click the images to view more! *(Other batter and icing flavors added cost)

Gourmet Cupcakes
Cupcakes which have a filling and a specialty icing. We have over 15 flavors available to pick up everyday, or place a custom order in advance. Click the images to view more!

If you want something custom we can do that too!

There are 15 different flavors of gourmet in stock everyday. Just come on in, and pick a variety out. If we are currently not carrying that flavor, you must order one dozen of the flavor (at least one day in advance) to get that flavor. Otherwise you may order cupcakes individually, by half dozen, or by the dozen.

Special Cupcakes
*Added cost for decorations. Pricing is variable depending on amount of artwork (and time) required for the order.
We can design cupcakes of any style.